John Wesley’s 3 General Rules.

john_wesley John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Movement, had three simple rules that he lived by. Do no harm, Do good, stay in love with God. Sounds pretty simple right?

It should be simple, but unless you have tried to live by these 3 rules don’t judge the person who has tried and had fallen short. 

Let’s take these rules and dissect them for moment. Do no harm, is anybody ever truly successful by doing no harm. Most of us would say yes, I do pretty good job at not doing any harm, I haven’t killed anybody, I haven’t caused anybody any problems, so I’m doing pretty good on the first rule. we have to ask ourselves this, have we gotten angry in the past couple of days, well that’s harm to ourselves, so then we are not good at keeping the first rule.

Second Rule, Do good. We believe because we aren’t bad people so that  must mean that we are good people right. Not necessary, the disciples came up to Jesus and said, Good Teacher, and Jesus immediately said why do you call me Good, no one except for the Father is Good. So if Jesus himself said he isn’t a good person then we have truly missed the mark.

Third Rule, Stay in Love with God. Do we really need to discuss this rule? We don’t read the Word of God like we should, we don’t pray like we should, nor do we live our lives in the most holiest way like we should.

John Wesley was a mighty man of God, a man after God’s own heart, he was faithful to the rules, so why is it that we fall short. Maybe we need to follow in the footsteps of John Wesley and walk like him as he walked like Christ.


About Neal Vick

I'm a United Methodist Pastor that's sold out to Jesus, and nothing else. I hate the traditionalism of the church and long for a refreshing movement of the Holy Spirit. Let's tear the walls of the church building down and bring the Gospel of Christ to the streets!
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