Weekly Devotion: Fruit of the Spirit

In Galatians chapter 5 the Apostle Paul warns us about the works of the flesh. He tells us that the works of the flesh are the opposite of the works of the spirit. Matter a fact the works of the flesh is what brings pleasure to the flesh, such as lust, envy, greed, adultery, murder, slander and so on. 

The fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, generosity, and self-control. When we display the fruit of the Spirit then we are evident that surely God is working in us and through us for his glory.  But here is the question how many times do we really bare the fruit of the spirit. 

It’s funny that we will spend a large amount of time making sure that we look presentable everyday before we officially start our days at work, school, or where ever we may go. We will dress up nice, make sure we smell good, because we want to make sure that we make a great impression on people. Because it’s about us, and nobody else. We want people to remember us, but when we do that or have that mentality that is the works of the flesh. See when we walk in the spirit then we dress ourselves in the spirit, and it’s the spirit that is the most important thing and that is what we want people to see in us. 

So today may we start walking in the spirit and not in the flesh, so everybody that comes into contact with us will see the spirit of the living God in us and not see us. 

About Neal Vick

I'm a United Methodist Pastor that's sold out to Jesus, and nothing else. I hate the traditionalism of the church and long for a refreshing movement of the Holy Spirit. Let's tear the walls of the church building down and bring the Gospel of Christ to the streets!
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