Ash Wednesday Service

We had a good crowd and wonderful service for the beginning of Lent. The Ash Wednesday Service that we had around 30 people showed up. We received the elements of Holy Communion, I preached a message, then had the imposition of ashes placed on our foreheads.

The message I preached was about forgiveness of sins, turning back to God, and practicing spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, and giving. We have a need for forgiveness, but we must be honest with ourselves and God and confess our sins. Then we can receive the free gift of grace called Forgiveness. Then we turn back to God and he takes our brokeness, and gives us new life. Then we feel compelled to draw back to God and then we become more like Christ as we follow the examples that he has set before us in prayer, fasting and giving.

Lent is about giving up something special to us, and drawing closer to Christ in the 40 days by praying when we would normally do whatever we gave up that meant a lot to us.


About Neal Vick

I'm a United Methodist Pastor that's sold out to Jesus, and nothing else. I hate the traditionalism of the church and long for a refreshing movement of the Holy Spirit. Let's tear the walls of the church building down and bring the Gospel of Christ to the streets!
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