Loving the Unloveable.

The hardest thing I have to do in this life is love the unloveable. Its easy to love people that we don’t know, like the homeless that we minister to, the love the stranger that passes us by in Wal-Mart when we are grocery shopping, or even a person who is in prison for committing a serious crime. It’s easy for us to love those people, because Jesus said to, and so we say in our hearts to people, blessed their hearts, they need some help, and so we pour the love of Christ upon them. It’s easy to love people that we don’t know.

But it’s hard to love the people we know. Especially people that bully us around, people who are determined to have it their way or no way at all. You know those type of people I’m talking about, we label them sticks in the mud. It’s hard to love people who are against everything you say, you preach, you teach, you do, and what you believe in. Then the opposition comes, satan enters into the scene, and heartache starts to rise up in you because of those unloveable people.

So you try to avoid them at all cost, but every time you turn around it seems like the unloveable just pops up. So what do you do, do you just quit, move and go live somewhere else? it would be easy to do that, but the chances are that most of us don’t have the resources to do that. So in the words written in read, we find our answer. Love your enemies. I truly believe that was a hard thing for the apostles to do as well, and they were the ones that was hand picked by Jesus. But if Jesus took the time to teach the twelve that he had hand picked, then maybe we need to spend some time loving our enemies as well. Wouldn’t our hearts that was hand picked by Christ, when we first felt conviction of the Holy Spirit? I believe so!

So when it comes to loving the unloveable, then we must do exactly what Jesus taught us to do and that’s to love them. Its hard, but with pray we can get there. Pour the love of Christ on them. Because when you do that, it just makes them madder. Love is better than revenge anyday!


About Neal Vick

I'm a United Methodist Pastor that's sold out to Jesus, and nothing else. I hate the traditionalism of the church and long for a refreshing movement of the Holy Spirit. Let's tear the walls of the church building down and bring the Gospel of Christ to the streets!
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